I'm Zachary Hinchliffe (a.k.a. Zach Hinchy) and I create web designs that are clean, good-looking, and effective. I can do static pages as well as templates for software (like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, for example). I provide complementary maintenance to all my customers. My prices are reasonable and I'll work within your budget, and you can be as hands-on or off with the design process as you'd like. It's your website, and you deserve to be put first. And that's what I'm here for!

For a portfolio of sites and contact information, read on!



Client: Chip Duggan
Purpose: Social Service Organization
Link: www.soberexpeditions.com

XHTML, CSS, JS, PHP (WordPress template)


Client: Joseph Pierce et al.
Purpose: Game Development Studio
Link: wearethelayabouts.com

XHTML, CSS, JS, PHP (custom CMS)


Client: Janie Varisco
Purpose: Wedding and Event Planning Website/Blog
Link: www.jvariscoevents.com

XHTML, CSS, PHP (WordPress template)

"When it comes to creative, professional, attractive and effective websites, there is no other like Zach. He actually did a complete overhaul on my site, which can be very difficult, however Zach is organized and disciplined and led me through it. I had high expectations for the visual look and functionality of my website and Zach met and exceeded my expectations. I thank him for all his hard work and continuing to give me service as often as needed." –Janie Varisco


Client: Molly and Katy Richard
Purpose: Restaraunt Information
Link: www.tacosisters.com

XHTML, JS, CSS (static)

"Until Zach came to my rescue, I was using an online build-your-own website service and doing the work myself. Even with my experience in computer design, it was a slow and frustrating process - the limits of the service meant I couldn't get my website just right no matter how much time I spent on it, and I spent way too much time trying! I hired Zach to add the elements I wanted, and he went one (or two, or three!) steps better. He corrected its existing problems, added the features I wanted, AND he made suggestions that added functionality and polish to the portal that I would not have thought of otherwise. My sister and I have a restaurant to run - designing and updating our website is simply not my highest best use, right? Now, thank goodness, Zach takes care of that for us. What a relief! Expertise, speed, and great service, plus good advice - Hinchy Sites is a true ally in Taco Sisters' marketing plan!" –Molly Richard


Client: Bryce Stock et al.
Purpose: Video Game Development Blog
Link: timetwisted.sonicstrike.net

XHTML, CSS, JS (animated background), PHP (WordPress template)


Email/WLM: [email protected]
Skype: zhinchy
AIM: lbhinchy
Telephone: (+1) 337-205-0466